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Our CMS GPN includes the following Ultra Modules:

* Web-based administration panel so there is no need for FTP access for daily site management

* User registration and permissions system, giving webmasters the ability to manage user access to content and features

* AuthoTheme Simply System Templatets

* Completely extensible through additional modules

* Strong user community providing many third party modules/themes to further extend the core features

* Support for fully HTML templated modules allowing the webmaster to change content display through simple HTML and without modifying the application code.

* Site look/feel controlled through a flexible, easy to use theme system. Allowing a site administrator to change the look and arrange the content by changing HTML and not PHP code.

* Built in caching increases the speed of your web site.

* 'Short-URLs' Support. Instead of seeing long urls containing many, many variables that are not easy for humans to remember, Short-URLs support creates a shortened version of a URL for output to a visitor's browser, making the page more memorable, and also sometimes helping in search engine rankings.

* Easy upgrades so you can stay current with the latest releases

* Multilingual support through an official project, many, many different translations of the project are available from the NOC. There are also many localized support sites

* Permissions control. Through the permissions system, you can customise your users experience. If you need more help administrating your website, permissions can allow certain members access to add downloads, but not administrate any other part of the website. By the same permissions control, you can create a subscriber based website that gives added functionality to subscribers.

* Mail Configuration module, meaning GPN sites can use external SMTP servers for sending mail.

* WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get Editor) is available for download as a core module, but others can be integrated seamlessly into GPN as modules. This gives any administrator a choice of WYSIWYG editors to use, depending on browser compatibility or functionality required.

* Statistics records all of this data, and can generate many different reports based on the collected data with just a few clicks!

* AvantGo gives users the ability to read site news on their Personal Digital Assistants (works with the news module).

* Autolinks automatically link keywords to a predefined URL.

* Censor asterisks.

* Multi Forum Discusions

* Credits automatically list the credits for the functionality you install.

* Downloads a download repository, with ability for users to submit downloads.

* FAQ creates a database of frequently asked questions for your site.

* Legal generic legal documents adaptable to your situation.

* Members lists all registered members on your site in Alphabetical Rank.

* Private messages internal messages system between users.

* News ability to publish News articles, users can also submit articles for approval.

* Administration Messages displays messages to specific groups on your site.

* Banners module, allows banners to display with impression and click counts, and logins for clients.

* Comments add comments functionality to news articles.

* Ephemerids 'This day in history...' module.

* Polls survey your members.

* Special MultiBlogs Platform

* Quotes display famous quotes, or testimonials from users.

* Realy Simply Syndicate

* Ratings rate anything (WebLinks, Files, etc...) on your site.

* Recommend Us allow users to recommend your site.

* Reviews review anything, and users can also submit their own reviews.

* Built in search provides users with the ability to search your site for a specified word or phrase.

* Sections displays static HTML content on your site.

* Top List/What's Hot provides a listing of the most popular content on your site.

* Topics are for posting your news under.

* Web Links directory where users can submit and rate useful links.

* Calendar, a calendar integrated into GPN, for display of upcoming events.

* Much More...ß

Our CMS GPN supports many languages and its look and feel can be customized using the Themes system, but major changes requires knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS.

Contact Us via e-mail: or Skype : UltraLeeds >> Up and Ready to Assistance and Swift Gultra Service... :-)

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